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Ray Tolhurst Managing Director/Chief Engineer

While Wedgetail Aircraft was established in 2016, its founder Ray Tolhurst is an old hand in the aviation industry. Ray began his aviation career in the mid-70's as a trainee aeronautical engineer for Hawker De Havilland after which he moved to Southern Sail Planes in the UK.  There, he earned his stripes as a master in the art of fibreglassing. Upon his return to Australia in 1979 Ray set up his own company in his hanger at Camden Airport where he went to work building gliders and ultralight aircraft. He was one of the pioneers of the ultralight revolution in Australia; building the famous Grasshopper and later designing and building the Stingray; the first fibreglass cantilever all fibreglass winged ultralight aircraft in the world.


Grasshopper Ultralight


Since then Ray has focussed his work on composite materials and specialising in commercial aircraft repairs. His many clients include; Care Flight, Total Aerospace and Australian Aerospace. He is, and will continue to be the Australian repairer for Grumbal Helicopters

Guimbal Helicopter

For fun, Ray is a trained glider pilot and he has also previously held certification as a RA Aus Instructor. Put simply Aviation runs through his veins. His move to establish Wedgetail Aircraft is a return to his ultralight roots. What a better way for Ray to do this than to take over the manufacturing of three of Australia's most well known recreational brands; the Vampire,the Sierra and the Cougar.

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Wedgetail Aircraft welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in purchasing; the Vampire, Sierra or Cougar aircraft. "Appreciate Australia's Best in Recreational aircraft!"