Building a Kit Aircraft

Jason a proud home-builder of a Sierra

Building a home built kit aircraft is probably one of the most rewarding experiences that a pilot can have. However, it is not for everyone! Before you jump on the home built consider the following:

1. Your ability. 

You do not have to be an aeronautical engineer to build your own aircraft but you do have to have basic engineering skills. ie Be able to accurately cut, drill and measure, read plans, use tools and jigs etc. For those who have two left thumbs home built kit aircraft are not for you.

If you can't imagine building an aircraft at home; why not consider "Factory Assist" where your aircraft can be built by you, under the supervision of the Wedgetail engineers.


2. Do you have the time?

Building an aircraft is time consuming up to 700 hrs, while a homebuilder can determine the time they allocate to the building of an aircraft, they do need to consider if their licence will expire before they ever get to fly in it?

3. Do you have the room?

Home builders need a dedicated space to build their aircraft, a place that can be locked and secure from the kids.

4. Do you have the tools?

Home builders do need a basic set of good quality tools, therefore you may have to consider adding a set of new tools to the cost of the kit.


When you elect to build your kit at home you will not be alone, Wedgetail engineers are always available to offer you advice either face to face, via email or over the phone.

If you are up for it so are we ... give Wedgetail Aircraft a call.

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