Cougar 200

Introducing the new Wedgetail Aircraft Cougar 200, modelled on the original Morgan aircraft; features an number of improvements that really take this aircraft to the next level. Improvements to the landing gear, engine performance and instrumentation have not only improved this aircraft’s great safety record but enhanced it’s performance and reliability to make it the equal of many GA aircraft.

The Cougar is one of the most robust and docile aircraft in it’s class making it equally ideal for training through to long distance touring.



  • 4 Comfortable Seats
  • Min: Jabiru Engine 3300 (up to 160HP)
  • 160kg Rear Seat Load
  • Main Fuel Tank 100 L
  • Endurance 5hrs +
  • 3 Baggage Compartments
  • Derigged for trailer transportation in 10min
  • All kits include: Instruments and Radio



  • 4 Seats
  • Rear Seat Load 160kg
  • Up to 150HP
  • Empty Weight 350-375kg
  • MTOW 950kg
  • Ultimate Load Limit +4G, -2G
  • V.Ne 150 KNTS
  • Cruise 75% @8000ft 120 KNTS
  • Max Manoeuvring Speed 85KNTS
  • Stall Clean 35 KNTS
  • Stall with flaps 28 KNTS
  • Glide Ratio 12
  • Rate of Climb 1000FPM @ 80KNTS (with 130HP)
  • Take Off Roll (Over 50ft)  150m
  • Landing Roll (Over 50ft) 180m
  • Service Ceiling 10 000ft
  • Fuel Consumption 18-24L/hr
  • Endurance 5hrs with main tanks.
  • Tail Height 2m, Tail Span 3.05m
  • Wing Span 8.23m
  • Length 6.43m
  • Cabin Width 1.06m




  • Additional Wing Tanks
  • Glass Cockpit
  • Leather Seats
  • Non–Standard Paint


Cougar 200

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