Wedgetail Sierra

The Wedgetail Sierra is one of the highest selling recreational aircraft in Australia, with over 50 proud owners currently in Australia .The Sierra’s performance, good looks and ease of operation make it a favourite in the recreational aviation community. As with it’s cousin the Cougar; the Sierra has been upgraded with new heavy duty landing gear, the choice of a new Jabiru 2200 or 3300 (80-130HP) engine (other engines on request).

In the hands of an qualified pilot, the safety record of this aircraft is second to none, reassuring to those who fly as well as those family members left on the ground. 

The combination of engine power, weight capacity, low running costs and endurance make the Sierra an excellent training  aircraft for those with little experience, as well as a great touring aircraft for those with a little more experience. 




¨ 2 Comfortable Seats

¨ Jabiru Engine 80-130 HP

¨ Main Fuel Tank 100 L

¨ Endurance  5hrs +

¨ 3 Baggage Compartments

¨ De rigged for trailer transportation in 10min

¨ Safe balanced aircraft





  • 2 Seats
  • Up to 130HP
  • Empty Weight 313kg
  • MTOW 544kg
  • Ultimate Load Limit +4G, -2G
  • VNe 150 KNTS
  • Cruise 75% @8000ft 120 KNTS
  • Max Manoeuvring Speed 85KNTS
  • Stall Clean 30 KNTS
  • Stall with flaps 22kts
  • Main Tanks 100L
  • Glide Ratio 12
  • Rate of Climb 1000FPM @ 80KNTS
  • Take Off Roll (Over 50ft)  350m
  • Landing Roll (Over 50ft) 300m
  • Service Ceiling 10 000ft
  • Fuel Consumption 18-24L/hr
  • Endurance 5hrs with main tanks
  • Tail Height 1.7m, Tail Span 2.3 m
  • Wing Span 7.9m
  • Length 4.7m
  • Cabin Width 1.15m


  • Additional Wing Tanks
  • Glass Cockpit
  • Leather Seats
  • Non –Standard Paint
  • Non-standard Engines such as Rotax or Lycoming available.


Sierra 200

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